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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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And another thing about the Friends listings on LJ...
spikey eye bw
It's really odd watching your different sets of friends spontaneously have a chat with one another in various comments sections. If only we were all shaking hands we'd be doing wonders for our 6 Degrees connections.

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Does the sixdegrees website still exist?

I used to be on it but then they redesigned it and I just got confused one day and gave up.

No, it died when banner ads became unprofitable.

Hi Tafka. Did you tell Max that you and me have now met on um "real email" (a bit like "real Sunnydale" or "real asylum", that one)


I did indeed tell Max of the email I recieved from the name on the email - however I do get confused when people keep two names and alternate (say I, not having done it myself :) )

It's just like hawkida's friends page - lots of people I don't recognise the names of, which is obvious. Not sure what that point was, btw.

Six degrees? I didn't even get one. =/

You reckon? Find a random LiveJournal page (hit the Random link on the login page for example). Note the username. Then use this tool:


If you're like me you'll be shocked by just how many idiots your friends know :)

Hey, that's cool! I tried 4, and 3 of them gave me links within 6 hops. The only one that didn't was a user with only 2 friends listed.

heavenation -> defchick -> rainb0wbrite -> aphasiaboy -> squeakyg -> ang_grrr -> frieda (6 hops)
fantasyman -> sparkle -> judethefreak -> nephrozym -> hawkida -> frieda (5 hops)
october_jackie -> foreverobsolete -> xgray -> hawkida -> frieda (4 hops)

Seems I'm linked to everyone I find apart from those with no friends listed. It's quite frightening.

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