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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Grr (arg)
spikey eye bw
I just spent nearly two hours working out what was wrong with my VCR and why all it would record was snow. Turns out when I put the entertainment unit in place I wired stuff back up a bit wrong. But I had to sort it out cos I had to figure out how to record things cos I have to make sure I get Buffy and Angel while I'm out on Thursday. There are priorities in my life, see. Sleep figures kinda low on that list.

But it's sorted now and I sort of almost got the place tidy, nearly.

Hey, just in case - everyone out there tape Buffy (and Angel) for me so when my recording fails I've got backup ("Anya, Tara" "Don't give me songs...") Ahem. Yes.

I need to sleep now.

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Someone tape Buffy and Angel for me as well, because I probably won't have working cable on Thursday! (But next Thursday we're having Sky Digital installed).

Is it really time for a first Thursday again?

Better pull my finger out or Connie won't love me anymore...

Hiya sweetie... (grr argh)

You won't like me when I'm omnipresent..

I already have tamaranth and swisstone 's contribs on board, guilt trip guilt trip....


*grin* I've spent all day with "I've got a theory, some kid is dreaming and we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare" reverberating through my brain.

With hand movements.

Oh, I get that every time someone says the word "theory". I think just saying "I've got a theory" is a really good way to find out who watches Buffy.

I am able to supply (courtesy of some very nice 400mb - 2hr downloads, ta) Buffy 6x18 AND 6x19 (the episode to air in the US next Tuesday) - both wildfeed broadcasts and therefore free of DOG's and not horribly converted by Sky into PAL (at least the quality should be good, haven't watched them yet).

They're 400mb's (and can be put into VCD) so if you (or Gavin; this is also in your direction) want then e-mail and I'll work something out.

I have Angel 3x16-3x19 (I believe all are 400mb encodes also, apart from 3x16 which is around 200?mb) also. Sky broadcast 3x16 tomorrow night.

But you haven't sent me the last disk you were going to send yet! (Or have you and the postal system ate it?)

Oh-er. I totally forgot about that :)

I probably assumed you were sorteddue to getting them on tape but if you want a CD of 100mb DivX copies then sure thing.

What would you like then?

And you've moved now! It makes it so much more difficult (he says, trying to put blame elsewhere :) )

Well, they're ALMOST good excuses, except that the last email discussion had me saying that yes, I'd sorted things with cable, but would like to see the quality etc available on disk so since you'd made it anyway send it over. And then I gave you my address. My new address. And you pulled a Skuttergram :p

But I think I've figured out the VCR, and I think I can PROBABLY avoid spoilers, so I hopefully won't need a disk. But Once More With Feeling on disk would be good.

After reinstalling OE I've lost all my old emails so you'll have to give me your address again.

What else would you like on the CD since it's 270mb for OMWF leaving quite a lot of free space?

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