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Haven't tidied.

I didn't bother to tidy up last night. I couldnt' be bothered. I will hopefully manage it tonight so ang_grrr doesn't have to pick her way through plastic bags and piles of cardboard when she comes down on Wednesday night. I wasn't up to it after getting annoyed by the trains being late. (Oh yes, it's started. However, it was quite amusing to listen to the people at Kings Cross mutter about how this was the second time in a fortnight that this was going on and how dire the service is. They know not the horrors of commuting through Waterloo...) This was followed by having to try to cycle against the wind and fight the dustbin to get as much debris as possible into it.

Instead of tidying, last night, I took a nice long warm shower then sat down and rested. Got a couple of overdue emails out of the way, played a game of Literati, then went to bed. I was all nicely relaxed and things were going well until I woke up from a nightmare about the house burning down because I left the other oven on. I don't have another over, particularly not one in the garden where the dream said it was.

I think I got too hot while sleeping. I always have nightmares when that happens. So once again, I'm not as rested as I should be but I'm definitely more relaxed than I was last week.

As soon as the oh-god-I-haven't-packed-for-the-weekend panic starts to set in that should change, though.
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