Max (hawkida) wrote,

Dilbert Lives

We just received an email informing us of the following: The business readiness meeting that was planned for this Thursday has now been cancelled. Well, it gave us something to laugh about for a while, anyway.

Meanwhile, I upped the offer I'd made on the house in Peterborough and had it accepted. I went into Halifax this morning (the bank, not the town) and initiated the mortgage application. I'll be finishing this off on Thursday and handing over the first of the vast sums of money you have to part with in order to buy a house. This, of course, is assuming that Egg do their stuff. They're not the fastest company I know for transferring funds, but they've said three to four working days for it to hit my current account. Meanwhile, of course, I lose the savings interest and they gain it but what can you do? I'm also looking into solicitors - or rather, a solicitor. The estate agency recommended them as they do a lot of work with this particular firm. It's a no-sale, no-fee set up and given that I don't have any alternative recommendations I reckon I'll be going with them. It's odd, though, I thought the whole thing would be more nerve wracking than this. Mostly I'm just feeling a vague interest in things and wondering how long it's all going to take. Plenty of time, yet, for things to go wrong, though.
Tags: house, peterborough, silly, work

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