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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Where's the bed?
spikey eye bw
I've been working on this pile of screws and wood for over three hours now. Why isn't it a bed yet? Why do I only seem to be about a fifth of the way through making it? You know what? If you ever stay at my house you had BETTER APPRECIATE THIS BED!
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You should get a (or is it 'the'?) webcam so we could watch the "Adventures of Max" whilst putting together furniture. We could all chip in with useful advice and recomendations.

Or not, and I could just be saying this because I've been up and working for over 3 hours now and am tired and hungry.

Computer: Downstairs

Bed building: Upstairs

Webcam lead: Approximately 2 meters long

Can you see the potential problem in this suggestion?

I anticipated this kind of reply.

I'll supply an extension lead :)

Okay, bring it over.

And if you happen to notice a 2 foot tall bit of wood with holes in it lying around anywhere, let me know. I know it must be here somewhere...

I broke up a piece of word, similar in description to what you're looking for, and burnt it last night on a fire - I'll take a wild guess it wasn't yours though.

Is this part of the bed, then?

My fiance(e) wants to know where you got the bed, as when we get ours from IKEA it doesn't take anywhere near that long. :->

I got it from Argos. I'm starting to hate them.

This is what it's supposed to look like eventually, but I don't know if it ever will at this rate:

There wasn't one in the box, but there is a number to call if there are any parts missing...

Having constructed many self-assembly type things in my life all I can say is that your heroism astounds me. *Now* do you know why I kept on trying to get you to wait until I got down there?

I went out for Sunday lunch, rather than go to IKEA and buy (much needed) computer desk and chest of drawers before new lodger arrives, and guess what! two guys I didn't know at all turned out to be flat pack junkies and want to go to IKEA with me next Wed and put the stuff together!!!! yahoo!!! this must be what it feels like to win the lottery..

CC (ivre d'encore)

That's it, rub it in...

Shut up! I'm asserting my independence!

IKEA stuff is much better thought-through than Argos in my experience. Also more expensive.

However, elaborate bunk-beds (especially the sort for teenagers with a desk and chair-which-becomes-a-sleepover-bed underneath the main bed) are famous for being the worst sort of flatpack to put together.

Hope it's sorted now.

Nobody warned me! I almost bought one of those! Then I realised that I had quite enough furniture to put in the study and had second thoughts.

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