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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Train Etiquette
spikey eye bw
If you're sitting on a train in a window seat and the person in the aisle seat next to you is reading his newspaper with his nearside elbow periodically prodding you in the ribs, what are you supposed to do? Particularly if you shuffle a bit to nudge his elbow to make it clear he is invading your space and he totally ignores it? Obviously the dark neutral stare doesn't strike fear into quite everybody I encounter.

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Work from home?

(This is today's plan. I have a document to review and they are rebuilding the office.)

The shuffling slightly in your seat in a way that nudges his elbow, followed by a Paddington Hard Stare, is the London Transport standard. You then have four options:

1. Retrieve the space by occupying it, jabbing him back if necessary; but be aware of train rage.
2. Open your matching broadsheet newspaper.
3. Say, assertively and not shouting but nevertheless sufficiently clearly that everyone around will hear, "I wonder if you would mind not jabbing me in the ribs with your elbow when you read your newspaper." This will shame most people into submission.
4. Start saying "ouch!" each time he does it.

Oh, and there's always "put up with it, but tread on his toes sharply when you get up to leave your seat".

Hope this Helps

A simple "careful, mate" should do the trick, no?

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