Max (hawkida) wrote,

A Tale of Worry

"My hard drive is making a really, really odd noise," I thought. "It doesn't sound like Gareth's at work, which is good because that makes weird nosies before it fails completely, but this is definitely a cause for concern." I studied the tower. Maybe it was the CD drive making a sort of beepy ringing noise. "Be-e-ep... be-e-ep" went the noise. Opening the CD drive didn't help, but the hard drive was pretty much inactive, too. A cause for concern, definitely. Oh dear. What's on the hard drive that needs backing up?

Think, think, pause.

Wait a minute. It's 6am. And that noise isn't coming from down there...

I went and turned off the second alarm. Heh. Panic over.

(My entry may be later, today, Tony, but my entry has CONTENT!)
Tags: computers, stupidity

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