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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Why I'm annoyed with Argos
spikey eye bw
Yo all those who guessed at one item - congratulations! You win. No prizes, sadly, I've been far too busy building my one bit of furniture to go shopping for prizes. I only bashed one finger with the hammer and only have four odd bits of wood left over wondering where they were once destined to live.

I knew it was too good to be true when Argos ammended my order for me. You see, this began as my fault. I ordered my seven items, but picked one incorrectly from the catalogue. I noticed the price was lower as it was rung up on the till so I checked the receipt when I got home. Going back in I was assured that there would be no problems with the substitution item being put in with the main order.

So when Mr Argos turns up on the doorstep with only the computer cupboard under his arm this morning, I'm not impressed. Especially since I've been up since 7.30am and it's nearly midday when he gets here and I realise when he says that's all he has that I'm going to have to deal with the horrors of customer support and I'm going to have to drag the mattress back into my room and turn it back into a bed and I'm going to have to take another of my annual leave days and waste it sitting around at home... But customer support were very helpful, considering. In fact, they pinched items from other people's orders to put on my list so I could get a delivery this week. Now I just have to confirm I can get another day off this week with work...

So it's not been the best of days, but at least I have a cupboard with a computer in it.

Poll #29333 How much do Argos suck?

Seven items were meant to be delivered. How many actually turned up?


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Hmm, methinks if all seven items had been delivered, Max wouldn't be quite so cross.

Ah, but wait. They might have delivered seven items, but the wrong seven.

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