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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Oh, it's Sunday
spikey eye bw
Well the nap last night turned into an early night. I was more tired than I realised. However, I was up at 6.30am this morning ready to attack the house once again with my tidying-up hat on. I'm sure the fact that what I'm actually doing by 8am is sitting at the computer indicates something but at this point I don't care to consider quite what. And you shouldn't, either.

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If I was down there with you, you'd have got me doing lots of manual labour, wouldn't you? :-)

Right now I'd be letting you try to install this USB-Video device thingy. I'm about ready to throw it through the window.

I'm supposed to let it search for drivers on a win98 disk that I don't actually have, then let it update those drivers with the ones that are theoretically on the disk. Bah, stupid software.

I did a web search and found the drivers separately and thought I could just install them. No, I can make an installation disk from the download by putting a floppy in the disk drive. Only the only spare floppy I had is refusing to do anything so I've thrown it away.

So I tried extracting to my D drive instead and I now have a folder full of drivers that don't know where they're meant to be (I think - that's what this mass of .inf, .ax and .dll files is, yeah?).

So I can't use the bloody thing at least until I get a win98se CD and possibly not then, either because when I plug in the USB device nothing actually happens.

Grr. That'll teach me for getting distracted mid-tidy.

Today I have been mostly cleaning up the mess from a BBQ last night and have already managed to take my axe to fallen trees which have now become piles of firewood, ready for the 'patio' heater to be heating again soon.

Last night there was no axe and only a crap old saw. My hands hurt from having to cut up parts of trees with, essentially, a glorified nail file.

Still - productive day and I feel in a productive mood.

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