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Tired Out
spikey eye bw
Tafka keeps bugging me for photos of the house. And I do actually intend to put the house on display real soon now - only first I want it to look at least presentable. I've spent most of today tidying up, with pauses to panic over the bathroom and delve into DIY attempts. I also took a break to go and find the shop which is closer than I expected and comes with the added bonus of being next to a pizza place, a chippy and a Chinese takeaway.

However, this means that most of the tidying I planned hasn't happened and I'm damn tired. Now 9pm is far too early to go to bed so I intend to mere nap for a while and then get back to attacking the Stuff That Needs Putting Away. Pictures will happen, I promise.

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I've only mentioned it like twice; not my definition of bugging :)

Anyway; I'll be happy when I just get outside-the-house pictures. They can be done easily because there's no tidying to do.

Alternatively; you can wait a while and give us the guided photo-tour :)

Working on it as we type.

And more than one request? That's bugging. :)

Whoo! The power of the Tafka lives!

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