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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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A Welcome to the World of Home Owning
spikey eye bw
It could have at least waited until I was done unpacking...

Previously on LiveJournal I said "Bath or shower? Bath. But my hot tap doesn't work!"

I just found out how much it doesn't work. That nasty spluttering made as the water started to drip along the tap and collect on the edges of the bath and around the taps where the shampoo sits? Well, it wasn't just collecting there, it was dripping down to below, too. There's a concerning bulge in my kitchen ceiling now. I've torn the side off the bath to see what's underneath, only to find I can't get at it easily because of the way the bathroom mods have been done. I've managed to establish that it is just the hot tap failure that caused the problem rather than there being a leaking pipe or something similarly nasty lurking in there. I have shower sealant. I was going to use it. Then I realised I bought the damn stuff in a form that requires a sealant gun. A gun which, no doubt you've guessed, I don't have.

Plus there's the question of the puddle that is apparantly sitting on top of my kitchen ceiling. Will that dry up and go away by itself? Or do I have to somehow get to it and mop it up? Cos getting into the corresponding part of the bathroom will NOT be easy without ripping out the bathroom unit which in itself is a scary and difficult task. I know better than to touch the ceiling and have it collapse on me but at this stage I'm not quite sure what to do beyond avoiding using the hot tap on the bath. Not difficult to avoid since I'd already given up on it - but Natalie was fighting with it to bath Denver during the week and I had tried a few times to run a bath so I guess the water has collected but I didn't notice the damage until now. My parents had a similar problem with water leaks so I tried phoning them - no answer.

Any advice, anyone? Will the puddle dry up and go away by itself or do I have to dismantle my bathroom and rip up floorboards?

I'm not having a good day.

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Has the water dried up, just leaving the SHAPE of a bulge? If the bulge was filled with water, it would be wet. If the bulge is dry, there won't be any water in it.

I don't want to touch it in case it is full of water and that causes it to burst. So I don't know. But I think there's probably water in there.

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