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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Er, whoops
spikey eye bw

See the blonde roots. And the orange hair. And the bits the bleach missed where it's still brown. Um. Whoops. Although it's certainly different...

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blue! make it blue!

That's... interesting.

And is that your pissed off expression, or just the neeutral expression? So hard to hell under the circumstances :-P

actually, judging from that picture, an auburn color might suit you pretty well.

I'm sorry but that's quite funny.

Sorry :)

Go bright red! :-)

I don't trust myself with bleach or henna (been there, had wierdly multicoloured hair) - hence the hair dressers now.

More expensive, but legal redress if it's _really_ bad.

And when do you first appear in Eastenders?

See, now you have to go and pay someone to get it the way you want it...

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