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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Thanks sand_l! Now all my colleagues are giving me funny looks!

I bought the recommended lavender oil and wanted to see what it smelt like. Sniffing the bottle didn't give a good idea so I dripped a tiny bit on my hand and stank out the entire room! Everyone started looking around and asking what the smell was. I told them I spilt some of the lavender oil my friend recommended ('Is your friend a witch doctor or something?' they asked). I think I'd better go wash my hands!

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That is a cheery thought for me to take on holiday with me.

Beware of Sandra and her lavender oil. She recommends it for everything short of decapitation :)

Aargh, that's like my mum. She recommends lavender oil for everything. You get cut? Put lavender oil on it. You get burned? Put lavender oil on it. You've got a cold? Put lavender oil on your chest.

Ahh, one day you mortals will appreciate the wonder that is lavender :)
Soz Max, I just assumed that everyone knows how concentrated essential oils are...and I only preach the lavender word coz I've seen it do awesome things...

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