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Operation Shop Hunt

Earlier I said I'd be seeking out the nearest convenience store on my way home (store? when did I go all American?). I didn't. The weather chose to pour down as soon as I came out of the station and continued to rain heavily all over me until I got home. Of course it stopped the instant I got inside.

I ventured out into the garden to put out the bin after that. I think the one solitary bin out on the road opposite could be a clue to the coming of the bin men. Doesn't explain why we had no sign of them last Friday though. Maybe I'll just leave the bin out there until they do turn up and empty it - it's not like I can use it now it's full, after all.

Must find a shop, though, the other "nearby" one is about 15 minutes walk away and I need milk since Natalie appears to have fed it all to Denver. And she scratched my non-stick pan by stirring something with a metal fork! Still, it's very quiet without them here and Nat helped out a lot.

Well, it's getting late so I better shut down and make bedwards moves ready for a fun packed day of doing nothing in front of a computer tomorrow followed by the shop-hunt I aborted today.
Tags: family, peterborough

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