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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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On Saturday
spikey eye bw
Should I go to this:
UK2005 bid London Open Meeting
or get the house in order instead?


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Get your house in order. Otherwise the committee will slip a brass farthing into your rum and coke and before you know it, you'll be forced to put *their* house in order. And the SECC is a hell of a big house...

Nope, can't think of anything actually funny to follow up.

the house isn't going anywhere. You might as well get yourself to the pub while I cannot drink because I'm caring for the young 'uns.

Get the house in order

Going to the meeting will not prevent The Next British Worldcon from eating large parts of Britfandom. Neither will staying home, but going to the meeting won't get tidying done.

Re: Get the house in order

Plus not going to the meeting might prevent Max being one of those eaten ...

Stay home. Hide. And definitely don't let any committees hold meetings in your house ever, particularly if they contain members likely to chuck a tantrum and announce to the world that they're trying to get pregnant.

Or does that only happen in Australian worldcon meetings..?

Reading the other responses I realise that my first response was a bit naive.

Why will someone eat Max?

Hmm. Well staying home means I don't have to travel. The tidying is going quite well, though. I might try putting shelves up at the weekend. I was mostly interested in the socialising side of the meeting thing anyway and presumably everyone saying "Run away! Run away!" isn't going to be there to socialise with. And Damn Fine Con isn't that far off so I can save up my socialising for that.

Well, I think there may be some people there -- I think Mark & Claire are going, and I was thinking of going for part of it. I'm actually tempted by the idea of going at the beginning, seeing who's around, distributing fnz to people who weren't at Eastercon, and then buggering off to another pub without a UK05 meeting (Jubilee?).

Heh, you're really not helping with the indecision, here. I'd almost made the decision to stay home but now I'm not so sure.

Making an informed decision ...

... requires all the information. I will be going into London tomorrow anyway (to see Long Good Luck play), so it's no real skin off my nose to pop into the Flo. Whether I'll stay depends on other factors.

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