Max (hawkida) wrote,

Bloody Estate Agents

So with everything being All Change, or at least several plans in that direction, I'm looking to buy a house. In Peterborough. Because houses there are cheap and there's a chance that work might want to relocate us there eventually. So I dutifully go along to numerous web sites and click the "Send me information" links about interesting looking houses and what happens? Bugger all, is what.

So I phoned an agent today. Said I'd like to look around some places Saturday if possible. Told him what I'm looking for - and according to their web site there are several properties that match the criteria. He took my name. He took my number. He promised to call me back. I've heard nothing.

So my plans aren't going very far very fast but I'm going to go for a wander around Peterborough on Saturday anyway. Call in and register with some more Estate Agents and desperately hope they're not all the scourge of the Earth as people lead you to believe. I can't say they're doing much to prove otherwise thus far. Wish me luck.
Tags: house, moving, peterborough

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