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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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88 Lines about 44 Simpsons
spikey eye bw
This is well cool:
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Bugger! Firewall doesn't like it...

No joy there either. Anyway, I see from other comments that it's a sound thing, and my machine doesn't do sounds. Thanks anyway.

It just gets me depressed that I have no sound, and stuff like that doesn't run properly anyway.


Even if Real is the spawn of Shub-Internet...

Hehe. Kinda cute. I think they made a few minor
errors, but cute nonetheless. :-)

Errors? I want them documented!

Okily dokily!

They said that Patti runs the DMV, and that she has
nothing to do with men. Patti and Selma were almost
fired once for smoking at work, meaning at least one
person is their superior, so neither could be running
the place. I'll admit that Patti probably has nothing
to do with men *now*, but she was once engaged to
Principal Skinner, so it's not a good blanket statement.

They referred to "Miss" Krabappel, when it's "Mrs".

They said Apu's surname was "Nahasapeetapetilon" when
it's "Nahasapeemapetilon".

Lastly, they referred to Kang as Kodos's "mutant partner"
when it would have sounded more natural (and been more
correct) to say "mutant sister".

Told you they were minor. :-) Still cute, and too damn

Annette, you are frightening. Especially that Apu bit.

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