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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
This situation is ridiculous. The guy next to me has a bunch of work to be done. I offered to do some of it since I have nothing else on. He went and checked with my boss about it.

My boss said that if I do that work things will get complicated regarding who to charge my time to, so it's best not to do that.

So Simon has lots of work and I have none. I am being paid to sit here with nothing to do - once again. Still, at least it's not complicated, eh?

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How complicated is it to charge your time to whomever Simon's time is being charged to?

I really daren't ask. The answer might keep me here til midnight.

But at least you would be occupied.

I had a funny experience on Monday - actually, this isn't strictly related but something tells me it belongs here.

Anyway. I was sat here, on my little perch and my supervisor came in to talk to the group I currently work with. At the moment I am a wandering technician, bringing my skills to whoever needs me(or can put up with, but that is another matter) for an allotted time.

Anyway, I've sort of settled into Steve's group and he and Harry and me thought that when he got the big grant that I would stay with them.

Laura is talking to them about the space in the new building that they are going to have, and Steve is counting the computer terminals that he needs, and needs to be absolutely his. He doesn't count me in, and so Harry says "and Ang" and then Laura says, "you can't count her, she's only on loan to you."

Now I'm worried. If I'm only on loan what are the department going to do with me!!!

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