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Please, no...

Please don't let me have RSI. Please let this weird feeling in my hand be something else.

When my little finger on my right hand moves over to hit shift or return (I touch type) I get this odd sensation in my hand, right at the base and edge of it. It's difficult to describe, it's like a shooting numbness or a tiny tug inside my hand - it's not particularly uncomfortable, just a bit distracting. But this on top of that odd lump that appeared from nowhere on my wrist (suspected ganglion) make me think I should probably be making a doctor's appointment. And it's moving week - possibly the most inconvenient time this could have manifested itself.

But if it's still doing it in the morning, I'm making the appointment. And this is the last typing my right hand is doing tonight.
Tags: health, rsi, wrist

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