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What are my friends doing?

If you download the little program for updating LiveJournal without a web page then by default it will run itself on startup and place a little icon in the system tray. When you right click the icon it offers a "What are my friends doing?" link that launches your LiveJournal Friends page. I use it a lot. It's not what I'd call the link, though.

There are all kinds of people posting to LiveJournal, and for the most part my friends aren't the kind who update regularly with "what I did today". My friends write interesting stuff. Sure, they use the events of the day to bounce off, but they talk about breasts and fridges and parking and millipedes. This stuff is way more interesting than knowing what they had for breakfast. That's not to say there is nothing of interest to be found in retelling the day, but for the most part the mundane in excruciating detail is, well, mundane. You need humour, or ranting or some other ingredient to set it off and make it worth reading.

So as I sit here thinking "I havent' done anything worth writing about all weekend" I realise I'm using the wrong approach. I should be finding something of interest to write about -- not telling you what I'm doing. Only I'm still a bit stuck for ideas.

I thought of writing about Thursday, given that I was too tired to write about it on Thursday. That was the monthly pub meeting and I got to meet Damien (dmw) and Juliette as well as the regular crowd. I had a good time. But, again, it doesn't bear writing about without turning into "I went to the pub. It was good. Maureen and Paul were at the pub. We had drinks." etc, etc, bleurgh.

So instead of it all, you get rambling musings on how I have nothing to say. Plus a photo. Enjoy.

For those not in the know, this is Juliette and Damien and not, as Ang assumed, Maureen and Paul. For those who ARE in the know: stop laughing.
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