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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Well, that's it then
spikey eye bw
I must be organised. I've defrosted the freezer and put most of my clothes in a suitcase. But it still doesn't feel like this is my last weekend here.

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Last weekend where? You moving? I assume this is related to the news about you and Raz a while ago.

Well who hasn't been reading the archives, eh?

But you're right with both guesses. Since I'm all single now I get to do what I have wanted to do for years and buy a house. Around here you're looking at around 150k. So I'm moving to Peterborough. Over there I get a house with 3 bedrooms for 62k (would have been 59.5k if some git hadn't gazumped me). Peterborough is around 80 miles from London (where my job is) rather than 30 miles or so (which Fleet is). However they have faster trains and the faster trains are not run by South-bastard-West Trains who are gits. This means the commute (which is and always was a pain) is actually the same in terms of time, despite costing double. However, I had been putting money away on the off chance that one day we might somehow manage to scrape together a deposit big enough for somewhere to live in Fleet, so the extra dosh (ie what would have gone to the savings account) is going into the trains and the mortgage isn't so big as it might otherwise seem.

The other advantage is that there has been some talk from work of relocating many of the staff to Peterborough - which would be fine by me, now. And should they decide not to do this and instead do something horrific like making me redundant, then my mortgage is low enough that I should be able to cover it on a low wage (I'm going to be a postman if it comes to it. Lots of exercise and fresh air and early hours that leave much of the day free). If I get really desperate there's always the lodger option, too.

So, yeah, it's all change around here and moving day is this Friday.

Ah, no, I haven't gone through archives yet. Not had the inclination really, but I'll probably do it when I'm at a loose end.

80 miles sounds a long way, but I suppose it depends on the transport. When I was doing 85 miles each way by car is was hard work. But that was an hour and 45 minutes on the motorway every morning and again in the evening, and being behind the wheel there's no chance to switch off and doze or anything. 80 miles by train is probably more bearable.

I did the Christmas post one year. I only signed on for a week, but I quit after 4 days. Mind you, that was 3 rounds a day, in nasty weather. It's probably very pleasant in the summer, with the morning sun.

Oh, so YOU'RE Max.

I really didn't mind being in your "friends" list. Even if I only got there by mistake. :)

Heh. Okay, you're back in. I think I found you via the "these people share some interests" tool and you looked interesting. But then you didn't say anything for a week so I trimmed you.

No, my mistake, YOU got there because you live in Peterborough and very few LiveJournallers will admit to such.

Thank you. You're very kind. But feel free to drop me again if I turn out to be less interesting, or more reticent, than I ought to be.

Oh, don't you worry - I will!

Don't she just mean it as well! I live fear of the knife.

Don't panic. We're protected by the Geneva Convention and the European Ruling on Human Rights.

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