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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Super Franky
spikey eye bw
I have Super Franky in the office Grand National sweepstake. What sort of a name is Super Franky?! Oh well, fingers crossed.

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There aren't enough people here to do a sweepstake. How crap is that.

Neither did we, I assume. They kept asking if we wanted a second horse.

We decided to do one in the pub this evening.
Me and four others.

So we have ten horses each, allocated randomly.
At stake - a mere £2.50 each.

Can you give a cultural translation?

What's "Grand National sweepstake" and who is "Super Franky"?

The Grand National is a horse race. Big one. People do sweepstakes on it. So we all throw in some money and get a random horse allocated - if your horse wins you get the money.

I have no idea who Super Franky is - it's just a stupid horse name.

what, you've never seen "National Velvet"?

it's a classic! one of those good old gooey sweet happy everyone-gets-what-they-deserve-in-the-end movies. here, have an imdb link

Well congratulations, then.

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