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Lethargy, meet apathy

I've gotta write a document about all the things we didn't like about this project. It's going to be quite long and whingey. I've gotta get it done today. I wanna go home. I'm bored.

I thought about peppering it with dilbert quotes and stuff to make it vaguely entertaining but that might be looked down on. And I'm not sure I can get up the enthusiasm to do the research for it anyway.

I didn't feel so lethargic (ooh, look, there's 'lethargic' mood icon) when I got on the train this morning. But we got delayed for 40 minutes due to a fire at Vauxhall and I was having a nice sleep when they interrupted me by arriving at Waterloo. I tried coffee to wake me up when I got off the bus, but all that's done is bring back the twitch (right eye, today).

And I want to know what this bruise on my right hand is. Where the hell did that come from?

But mostly I just want to go home and sleep cos I was up late last night.
Tags: tiredness, work

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