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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
"That was MY 3w!" I exclaimed as ang_grrr played a perfectly legitimate move on Literati.

"Don't shout at me!" she returned in plaintive Yahoo Messenger letters, "I have expensive hair!"

And two things struck me. First the "I actually could use a haircut," thought, followed closely by the "I wonder if I'm being overcharged for haircuts" thought. You see, I don't have enough experience in these things. When I was little my mum cut my hair. As a child I have two recollections of visiting a hairdresser. The first was because Alison Fisher was having her hair cut and couldn't come out to play until it was done. I was invited along to watch. It was rather dull. The second time was to have my ears pierced. They laughed at me when I jumped as the stud was stapled into my earlobe but I didn't cry. My eyes stung rather a lot, but I didn't cry.

When I left home I had my mum cut my hair when I visited during holidays. Then, for a long time I just didn't get any haircuts. My hair got long. Sometimes I would hack away at the fringe with scissors, sometimes I would grow it out. Now and then I'd get mu mum to trim off the split ends but my default hair was style: long. I tied it back, mostly. I experimented with hair colouring. But it remained long. Long hair is annoying. Unless you have patience or lots of practise it is very difficult to plait. Anything less than a plait gets annoying. For example, bits escaped and waved around my face. At its longest I would find myself sitting on it and yanking my head as I turned to look at something. Washing it was a pain and it took forever to dry but hairdryers had a tendency to make it overly dry and thus frizzy.

One day, walking along a high street I passed a hairdressers and thought "What if I were to go in and get all my hair cut off?". I doubled back and went in. They chopped it down to just below my shoulders where I expected it would stay if I sat at a desk and looked down. It didn't, it flopped around my face. I also discovered that when bored I had a habit of fiddling with the ends of my hair behind my back. I missed it. Standing in queues left my hands with nothing to do. It was short enough that it didn't stay back when tied back and was really quite irritating. I let it grow again and all the old annoyances came back. You know, the ones like cleaning out a plug of hair from the plughole after a shower, or pulling loose strands of long hair from inside clothes every time you get an itch.

We had some clippers - things made for keeping crew cut style hair in order without the aid of a hairdresser. In the heat of summer we shaved the underneath of my hair but it didn't help much and it grew back quickly when I stopped maintaining it. Eventually I went to a hairdressers again last year and asked them to cut it short. After asking if I were sure a couple of times they suggested a not-too-short layered style. An actual style. It had been a long time since I had one of those and whilst my mum was both handy and well meaning, she was no hairdresser. So they cut my hair and I liked how it came out. I warned them that it has a tendency to part itself down the middle - even at the fringe and they tried to keep it in place by blow drying and using gel and gunk and whatever. It lasted until I had walked about 50 metres from the shop. But the parted fringe looks fine and the rest I liked. I think they charged me �35. That was in October last year.

Just after Christmas I went back for a trim as it was getting kind of long. They trimmed it and washed it - not so much as I wanted them to but I didn't realise this until I got home. They charged me �25. It's somewhat overdue for a trim again and it's long enough to tie back. But they're usually booked up on Saturdays and I'm not taking a day off just for hair.

There's another problem as well. I once dyed my long hair black. "I don't like what you've done to your hair," my mum told me. But no one else objected and some said it looked good and I liked it. I got bored of the black and cycled through some other colours. When it was shorter the first colour I tried was a reddish gingery look. I liked it but when it started to grow out I decided to go for black.

I must have used a different product. This permanent black was a lot more permanent than the previous one that also claimed to be permanent. I also discovered that the black short hair looked an awful lot more harsh against my pale skin than the long black hair had. I immediately wanted it to go away and tried to cover it with dark brown. I think that was quite a big mistake. It stayed black and perhaps even penetrated further with the addition of the extra chemicals. It won't go away. I've tried and tried with many different varieties of colour, stopping just short of bleaching it because that scares me. The roots are showing and everything I try to cover it with takes at the roots giving a nice strong contrast with the black. Actually, the black has a dull brown sheen to it now, but it's still more black than any other colour. I tried using temporary black to make the roots match the rest but it washed out almost immediately. So I have multicoloured hair and it's getting longer and sillier by the day. But I don't think a crew cut would suit me, somehow.

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Unfortunately, if you want it lighter, bleach is your only option. Given its checkered past, you might actually want to pay someone to do it for you - it gets complex when you're dealing with multiple shades (and when some of those shades are more processed than others). Now, 'bleach' doesn't mean you have to make it ash-blonde, of course! :-> Any of the lighter shades of haircolor nowadays contain bleach. Just look at the picture on the box of 'this is what this color does to mid-brown hair' and see if that color is lighter than the mid-brown hair itself. The reason I suggest professional help is that if you do it yourself, you might end up with LIGHTER striped hair. :-> But if the darkest bits are light enough, you can then darken it again to something reasonable, perhaps. Also - conditioner is SO your friend. If you can get it in the UK, I highly recommend Pink Oil (that's a brand name - often marketed to black people) as a post-coloring treatment, as it perks the hair right up and makes it feel loved. Apply lightly, though, and to wet hair, to avoid lank greasy hanks of hair.

See, things are so much easier if you're a guy. All my life, I have always just got a simple neat haircut for £4.50. Although my problem is that I'm kinda scared of the barbers, so I go 7 or 8 months without getting my hair cut. So then it gets big... not *long*, but big... because my hair is really thick. So it starts to look stupid. But the stupider it looks, the *more* scared I am to go to the barbers because I'm ashamed to walk in there with stupid hair (just like I can't go into clothes shops because I'm ashamed to go into such a place wearing cheap unfashionable clothes). So my hair gets bigger and bigger, and going to the barber becomes a scarier and scarier thought.

But at least it's only £4.50.

I'm imagining you with REALLY short hair. You'd look like SUCH a militant butch lesbian, gah, you can't do it. :-)

That's like me, except I pay £5, and only know how to go to one hairdressers in the whole world, so I tend to only go occasionally, since it's in a place I'd never otherwise go to. I don't care about going in there with long hair, I just care about getting there in the first place ;)

my hair has gone in cycles of being very long and very short. it starts when i get annoyed with the long hair being in my way all the time and being a hassle to keep clean, etc. so i get it all chopped off, usually a boyish cut, which does look rather cute on me i think. then i miss the feel of my hair on my shoulders and the ability to nervously fiddle with the ends of my hair whilst bored, so i let it grow out again. it usually reaches about 3/4 of the way down my back before i decide again that it's too much trouble and cut it off again, after which i miss it and grow it back again, and so forth.

as for dying my hair...my hair is naturally a very dark brown. if i'm outside a lot in the summer it turns a strange sort of streaky auburn color that i hate. so most of my experience with dying my hair has to do with redarkening it to its original dark brown state. i've gotten colored streaks done before, but getting rid of those also involves darkening rather than lightening, so i dunno what to tell you about that.

My ego gets a little massage, everytime I get mentioned in someone elses entry :)

Anyway. I think £30 is around average for a haircut now-a-days. I usually pay less than that for mine, but that is because I take my chance in a training salon. As for the colour, if you really want it sorting out go and have it done in a salon. Caroline had the multicolor hair problem you describe and they died the whole of her hair to her natural colour, no regrowth problem.

That wasn't as exciting a comment as I made out last night, is it :)

See? I told you if you saved your comment until the next day it would go stale.

I still have two problems, though. I don't know how much a re-dye and style will cost and don't want to be ripped off, and I don't have any spare time for getting it sorted.

I think in the short term I'm stuck with stripey getting-too-long hair.

dyed! I meant dyed!

Max, in my experience there is always time for hair:)

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