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spikey eye bw
I've mentioned the twitch before, haven't I? It's a "you're tired" indicator from my body. It's usually in my right eye or my right thumb, but not always. Like, frex, today. Today it's in my left knee. There's a muscle just next to my kneecap that's been hyperactive ever since I woke up this morning thinking "Is it really time to get up already?"

I'm not sure why I'm so tired. I went to bed at about 12.30 last night which isn't especially late. I would have gone sooner but someone pulled the "brb" trick on me on Yahoo Messenger mid conversation. Call me crazy but I expect someone saying "brb" to come back. After 50 minutes I decided otherwise. And if you're reading, you know who you are...

So that's seven hours it's been twitching, now. It's getting rather annoying. I KNOW I'm tired. I don't know WHY and it's not exactly possible to go and sleep right now.


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