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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Well that all went surprisingly well, considering...

I went to Tesco in search of a particular model of video that I'd seen on their web site. They didn't have it. However this was not a bad thing because in being there I discovered that they had a special offer on TVs and I picked up a wide screen television that does NTSC and everything for �190 when I'd been looking at spending �300+.

Then we went to the retail park where I discovered the model of video I wanted was readily available at Comet. The vacuum cleaner I was planning to get wasn't so easily available - they had a display model out but no boxed ones and for once the staff weren't hovering with their "Do you need any help?" routine. This actually worked out well because the other vacuum cleaners were cheaper so I picked up a �30 model instead of a �110 one - if it breaks, so what? At �30 it's replaceable fairly easily.

So this left me with money I'd assumed would be spent by this point, which meant I got a better stereo than I'd been planning.

Oh, and I begrudgingly bought an iron and less begrudgingly picked up a toaster. I'm all kitted up with entertainment and toast. What more could I ask for from a shopping spree?

Now I'm going to climb into the loft and see what's up there that's worth packing... Again with the good luck wishes, please.

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I'd get a kettle. They go well with toasters.

Tea & toast. Hmmm.

Which leads me onto (see my journal...)

I don't drink tea. I was forced to as a child and hated it then. I will make tea for people who visit but only if I really can't convince them to have coffee instead. I really dislike even the smell of tea.

As for coffee, I barely drink that, either. When I do it's because someone's making it for themselves and others or because I bought a nice mocha in Pret.

Despite this, I will have a kettle. However, the kettle I will have will cost me nothing as my brother has a spare one, having been given two at his engagement party.

I've found that when young no-one will drink coffee and people drink (if they are inclined/forced) tea instead.

I still don't like coffee in its 'normal' form and, in direct disagreement with my wallet, only drink coffee from Starbucks normally. Either Frappacino's (blended ice coffee drinks, lovely in the sun - range of flavour) or Mocha. Anything else is just too coffee-like. Which is a great surprise.

Annoyingly you can buy frappacino 4 packs in US grocery stores but not in any UK shops.

Oh we used to get coffee as well. Every morning we had cereals followed by toast accompanied by a drink. Sometimes tea, sometimes coffee. I was about twelve when my mum finally gave up on making me drink the tea. The coffee was no problem.

I just don't drink hot drinks very much these days. I have instant chocolate in, and Raz always has coffee available but I never make coffee for myself. I regularly drink water, orange juice, chocolate milk, apple juice, lemonade. More rarely I drink other fruit juices and the likes of coke, Dr Pepper and so on. Hot drinks are too much hassle.

I drink diet coke most of the time (too much, in fact, not healthy). Then cordials like crappy supermarket-brand vimto clones. Then when they run out, coffee.

But I've only ever had *normal* coffee... you know, instant coffee. I've never tried any of that coffee that people, like, BUY from places... never tried anything that has froth on top or comes in big cups. Because I never go out. Because I'm a sad loser who wants your attention by calling myself a sad loser. Or because I'm rambling and talking weird because I'm bored. Okay, I'm going to click "post comment" now. Any second now. Did I mention I just watched a crappy movie that had Amber Benson in it? She was about 15, she was so cute. Anyway.

Because I'm a sad loser who wants your attention by calling myself a sad loser.

Right, you've got my attention. Now what are you going to do with it?

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