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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
I used to hate having my photograph taken. The whole pose-and-smile thing feels so fake and uncomfortable that even now I rarely agree to it. There aren't many photographs of me that I'm happy with -- apart from those I take myself. The wonderful thing about a digital camera is you can look at what comes out, go "ugh" and make it disappear forever immediately. No negatives, no torn remains of the photograph - just gone, straight away.

And with the freedom to do that comes the freedom to play around until you get something you ARE happy with. Like, for example, this picture. Okay, so it's the terrifying "neutral stare" that Ang referred to. And my ankh got cut off. But apart from that, this is kinda cool.

Even if it does seem sort of conceited to be saying so.

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No, it's a nice photograph.

And you know quite well I am prone to hyperbole.

Hey, you look pretty good there.

(I'm sure one day you'll publish a photo of yourself in fluffy pink clothing, with a huge cheesy grin on your face. Oh, you KNOW you will!)

And on that day, you'll give everyone a great big squeezy hug, too!

Love ya!

LOVE the new default user piccy. it's awesome!

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