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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
I would just like to state for the record that NTL are bastards. I've been looking into the cost of getting my new house cabled up and I was investigating the channels I'd actually want. Having narrowed it down to Sky One, E4 and maybe the Sci Fi channel I started looking for details of the cost. And it turns out that I don't get a choice. It's all or nothing with the exception of the premium movie channels.

I had considered going down the ADSL route and getting Sky Digital which is cheaper, I think. Again, no-go. They don't do ADSL in my new area, so NTL it is, then.

So I thought I'd make the "Please charge me lots of money" call now and try to book a date for installation. Only they're shut. No 24 hour sales line. Not even a Sunday sales line. Which means that a bank holiday sales line is kind of unlikely, too.

Still, at least when I'm not renting I won't be bound to a stupid contract that insists I keep a BT phoneline despite having a perfectly good NTL line. That's a minor saving, at least.

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It might be worth deferring the conclusion of any contract with NTL until the company has completed refinancing talks with its bankers, as it's currently carrying a large amount of debt which will probably require some balance-sheet restructuring if it's not to be declared insolvent. Obviously, if it were to cease operations altogether it would be cutting off all further income, so it will probably keep going in some form; but for the present there is a possibility that you might not get whatever it is you persuade them to sign you up for....


The problem is I've been spoiled with broadband for something like three years now. On the occasions when I need to use the laptop I use a dialup connection and it is frustratingly slow. I really don't want to lose broadband and the only people who supply my new area are NTL.

Since payment is on a month to month basis I've only really got the installation fee to lose. It's not really something I can easily put off, either, since there are shows I'm following on cable (Er, Buffy and Angel) and really don't want to miss episodes. Plus there's the question of a phoneline. I think (haven't checked to be entirely sure) that there is a minimum contract period if I go with BT and I don't want to wind up paying for two lines again when I barely even use the phone anyhow.

I would guess that if things get bad enough for NTL someone will come along and buy them out and introduce changes slowly - I still feel that signing up with them is a good plan at this stage.

I notice - in another comment and here - you've been keeping up with Buffy S6, do you still want the CD with eps up to the US or not?

(It's not any effort either way - I either post it to you or keep it as a backup and wipe some HD space)

Oh, sorry Tafka, I meant to email you. I got a vid with eps up to (look away if you consider titles to be spoilers) "Normal Again" and that will be the last tape I get. I think that was what you were putting on CD? I'd still be interested in the CD, though, cos I want to see what sort of quality the internet downloads offer.

I won't be getting any more tapes from the US for this season. It seems that we're going to be so close to them in terms of broadcast dates that it would be pointless for Beth to put tapes in the post, causing hassle to her and little, if any, benefit at this end.

Which is one of the reasons it becomes quite important to me to have Sky One available as soon as possible. Sad, I know...

i've often wished that cable companies would let you pay for only the channels you actually wanted. maybe someday if i start my own cable company i'll offer it ^_~

It'll never happen -- if people could choose what they wanted, rather than having to select a package put together by the cable operator, half the channels on offer would suddenly find themselves without an audience.


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