Max (hawkida) wrote,

I would just like to state for the record that NTL are bastards. I've been looking into the cost of getting my new house cabled up and I was investigating the channels I'd actually want. Having narrowed it down to Sky One, E4 and maybe the Sci Fi channel I started looking for details of the cost. And it turns out that I don't get a choice. It's all or nothing with the exception of the premium movie channels.

I had considered going down the ADSL route and getting Sky Digital which is cheaper, I think. Again, no-go. They don't do ADSL in my new area, so NTL it is, then.

So I thought I'd make the "Please charge me lots of money" call now and try to book a date for installation. Only they're shut. No 24 hour sales line. Not even a Sunday sales line. Which means that a bank holiday sales line is kind of unlikely, too.

Still, at least when I'm not renting I won't be bound to a stupid contract that insists I keep a BT phoneline despite having a perfectly good NTL line. That's a minor saving, at least.
Tags: cable, moving, ntl, virgin

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