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Wrist weirdness

I've just found a strange little lump in my wrist. I think it's a ganglion. Don't know what a ganglion is? Neither did I, really, until I did some web searching. There's a site here that reveals all. Scroll down the page to the penultimate image and that's the location of this odd little lump. It's only tiny - about three milimetres diameter, but it's a lump and it's in my wrist. I don't want weird shit going on with my wrist... All the web sites say it's harmless and doesn't need any real attention if it's a ganglion cyst but once I move and get a new doctor then this is going to be drawn to their attention. I'm 28! Doesn't my body know it's supposed to last another 50 years or so? I can do without strange new protrusions, excess weight and teeth that decide to dig themselves firmly into one another, thank you very much.
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