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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Legally Bound
spikey eye bw
I've just had two phonecalls from my solicitor. The contracts have now been exchange and the completion date - 10th April - is now unable to slip any further. I really am buying a house. Two weeks from now it will be mine.

The fact that two people in the office are now humming my ringtone (the Tetris music) is entirely inconsequential.
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Well, congratulations on that. Glad they couldn't muck you around anymore.

Now *I'm* humming the Tetris music. Damn.

The question is, which tune? The A-tune, the B-tune, or the (funky-cool) C-tune? :->

Uh, y'know, I'm not too sure. I'd guess at A.

Dim diddle dim diddle dim diddle dee
Dee di dee di do doo

Or something...

I know it'll have been mentioned before, but since LJ don't offer search functions and it'll take a long time to back-scan is there any chance of some details of your new home?

Just basic stuff, like size/location/current smell :)

You lazy sod, Tafka! See the latest entry (when I post it in a mo...)

That didn't include the "current smell"....

I'm currently approximately 80 miles from the house. My olfactory technique is clearly not sufficiently well trained as I cannot answer your question.

Have you not been to see the house then? :P

Not today. You said "current".

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