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I didn't go into work today. By this morning I didn't feel too bad, but last night I slept really badly. I was way too hot under the blankets and too cold outside of them. Even with just a sheet over me I was too hot, and my throat was sore and dry, whilst the water I was drinking didn't seem to affect it. I think I slept for about an hour all together and there's no way I'm going to work on one hour's sleep. Besides, I'm still hot and I expect if I actually owned a thermometer to use then I'd find I had a high temperature.

So I dozed (still couldn't sleep properly) until midday, then fiddled around with the Gameboy Advance a little before turning to Buffy. Comfort TV. I'm feeling pretty exhausted, but I'm not going to doze again because I'm determined to get a proper sleep tonight.
Tags: tiredness

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