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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Corflu T Shirt
spikey eye bw
I wear black. Maybe the odd bit of white an some grey. Other colours now and then just to offset it a bit, but mostly black. Ask anyone what colour most of my clothing is and they'll say black if they've met me. I like black. At Corflu they had T shirts available to buy, just like pretty much any other convention tends to have. The reason I didn't buy one immediately is this: They are pink.

Not strong "I am Barbie, hear me roar" type pink, more yer sort of "I think maybe that red sock shouldn't have been washed with the whites" kind of pink. Far from subtle and quite definitely pink.

As the convention wore on I decided that I'd like a memento (good film!) of the event and that it could be relegated to nightwear anyway. So I bought one. I believe it is the only pink item I own. It has a cool, non-cutesy picture on the front - a Steve Stiles image.

I've been wearing it as a nightshirt and having passed mirrors in my night attire from time to time I have been forced to face the horrific possibility that pink may actually quite suit me.

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That doesn't mean you have to wear it: there are other colors--probably not just black--that look good on you. If you don't like pink, or don't like what it symbolizes to you, you don't have to wear pink.

I have a pink Hothead Paisan t-shirt somewhere that I've never worn; they only had it in pink, and I'm not a pink person.

Is the image illustrating this entry the 'pink' t-shirt? Because it's not that pink from here (in the sense of it being, well, white).

No, that's just the artwork. The T-shirts are quite definitely very pink. Would you like to buy one? The convention lost money and there are a whole bunch of shirts left over to be sold. Several are residing in my house right now. Ten quid or fifteen dollars.

I don't think my sales patter is up to much, though.

I think I've enough t-shirts to last me a very long time, else I'd be jumping at the chance :)

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