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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
Once upon a time stamps were perforated sheets of gummed paper. They were perforated in order to let you pull them apart more easily before licking them.

Now many stamps come in the form of stickers which don't require licking or dampening to stick to envelopes. However, they are still the same shape with edges that give the impression of something that has been separated from a perforated sheet.


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over here in the US they aren't. the self-adhesive sticker stamps have straight edges like the stickers that they are.

Makes them harder to forge?

You think? If you can get the image right I can't imagine frayed edges are difficult.

I've never seen sticker stamps. But then, I hardly ever get mail and hardly ever go out. I used staps for the first time in ages today! Ones that had "£3.00" written on them and stuff, woo! But they were the old-fashioned licky ones. Only I don't lick them. I lick my finger, then wipe my finger on the back of the stamp. I dunno why... maybe an irrational belief that it's rude to lick things in public.

Last time I posted things, the lady in the Post Office gave me a few stickers, and a lot of licky ones, which I thought was the opposite of what they were designed for ;)

Also, I suspect they just put the little frilly parts on to make them look nice, since that's the sort of thing people like that do.

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