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Good Day

The day started well, and then carried on quite well, and although it's not quite over it's still going well.

- The train was on time
- The rain held off all day
- I had a reasonable amount of work to do and it was suitably challenging (why DOES the password reset page required you to put your password in to access it?)
- We (colleagues) went out for lunch and got served quickly
- We had free cookies available in the afternoon
- I got a pay rise (tiny, as expected, but who's complaining?) and a bonus (ditto) detailed in a letter that was finally given to us today
- I reached the train station at just the right time to get on a train
- I caught up on rasseff after a week of being behind (this will last until I check for new posts and no longer, but right now the news pool is empty)
- I played Scrabble (Yahoo literati if you're being pedantic) and won

I think I may temporarily be living someone else's life. Mine isn't usually this good. But I like this one. I think I'll keep it.
Tags: happy

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