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Now I'm REALLY bored

I just ran out of work. And the beaurocracy around here means it will probably be tomorrow before they can add some more to my queue of things to do. But that doesn't stop them requesting - not quite requiring, but trying really hard to convince me - that I should work on Saturday to ensure this project meets its deadline. If the house purchase goes through on Friday then they've got no hope. But that's not likely to happen. In which case I'm happy to come in and get paid overtime for what will probably amount to very little work.

Doesn't solve my current dilemma, though. What am I going to do for the next three hours?

And to top it all I've broken my mp3 player/radio. I thought it was the earphones that were failing. The sound from the left was crackling and dropping out. I replaced the earphones and nothing changed. So I fiddled with the jack socket - tried to get the clampy bits to clamp harder by bending them inwards. I had to spend �2 on a whole box of safety pins just to get one pin to use for this. And it failed. Now the sound crackles and drops out on BOTH ears. Damnit!

Meanwhile, my brother's birthday approaches. He's a mechanic and sometime clubber, about to be 26. Any ideas what I should get him? My current favourite potential birthday present is this blowtorch but I'm not sure he won't burn down a house with it or something. And I lied when I said it was the current favourite potential birthday present. It's actually the ONLY current potential birthday present. Suggestions solicited.
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