January 25th, 2021

spikey eye bw

Waste and waist

I've been musing on what a "waste of time" is this weekend. I've got a bunch of things I could be doing such as reading or drawing where at the end I can feel accomplished because I either gain knowledge or a story, or I have something to show for it. If what I have to show for drawing isn't very good, that's fine, it's work on the road to getting better. But I didn't do those things this weekend, I listened to podcasts (which to be fair, did catch me up on a backlog), whilst playing The Sims 4. And wound up feeling a bit guilty for not being productive. Which is silly. Why is it a waste of time if it amused me for a while and let me relax? But I can't shake the feeling, and it's increased by it eating time so quickly. I make my little goals for the imaginary people and set about helping them to achieve them and before I know it two hours have vanished. 

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