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Looks like the house purchase is being held up by someone further up the chain. I THOUGHT it was all going a little too smoothly. I may now be looking at 2nd April for the completion - though it may be before that as the guy I'm buying off wants to get his kid into a school in the new area by 1st April and has to be resident there by then. It's just a waiting game for now.

And I made a dumb mistake at the train station. Instead of running onto the 5.36 I thought I'd buy some earphones to replace my current ones as the left one has gone crackly and almost given up. So I missed my train, only to find there were no earphones, only fuck-off-huge big headphones in Dixons at Waterloo. And then, of course, the train I had been waiting for was delayed... I should know this by now. I should know to take the first available train. I could have bought earphones at lunchtime tomorrow - and probably will if I have time after visiting Kinkos to get that fax sorted. I could have saved myself the frustration of staring at those damn departure boards for far too long... Oh well. I'll know better next time. Maybe.
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