May 2nd, 2002

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Things to do

I really should be thinking through what I want to take with me to Damn Fine, and what needs preparation and what the plan for tomorrow is and what... ah, soddit. It can be a last minute rush. My brain doesn't work very well these days.

But the important question is, do I stay up REALLY late to watch Buffy tonight, or get up early to see it in the morning? (Assuming my powers of VCR setting are intact.)
spikey eye bw

Hometime Countdown

Only 25 minutes until I'm allowed to leave. A very slow 25 minutes.

And since half my friends list seems to be awake and active I expect I'm going to have a good number of comments to plough through when I get back to the computer. And then there's the 3500 posts sitting unread in rec.arts.sf.fandom.

As Trinker once said on the group:

4000 rasseff posts in the queue
4000 rasseff posts
open one up, post a reply
4300 rasseff posts in the queue...

(though 4003 would scan better and be more accurate).
spikey eye bw


They just found work for me! They're trying to make me work! I'm about to leave the office after a week of nothing to do and they want me to fix something! I'm running away NOW.
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