April 26th, 2002

spikey eye bw

The Furniture Sage Continues...

Okay, so the furniture arrived. One problem. The wardrobe won't go up the stairs. I'm assured that it comes apart easily and has the same fixings as the computer cupboard I build on Monday. If it doesn't I can send it back. So the nice non-flatpack item of furniture needs to be turned into flatpack furniture before I can make use of it. Typical...

And then there's the two beds to build. I'm going to be busy...


Okay, it's upstairs. However, I haven't quite decided whether "it" is my wardrobe or a pile of firewood.
spikey eye bw


It's hard to dismantle a wardrobe when the answer to "What's holding it together?" seems to be "Magic". But I did it. And I dragged the bits upstairs and rebuilt the wardrobe.

Then I built half a bed, came downstairs and put the living room furniture into place. Then I returned to building the bed. Right now it's awaiting the rest of a drawer and a headboard before it can be considered a complete bed.

My house looks like cardboard city and I'm utterly knackered. What am I going to do with all these bits of boxes? The dustbin was full three days ago!

Also, apparantly, kicking a hammer by accident when you have nothing on your feet makes the end of your toe fall off. It hurts.

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