April 24th, 2002

spikey eye bw

A Tale of Worry

"My hard drive is making a really, really odd noise," I thought. "It doesn't sound like Gareth's at work, which is good because that makes weird nosies before it fails completely, but this is definitely a cause for concern." I studied the tower. Maybe it was the CD drive making a sort of beepy ringing noise. "Be-e-ep... be-e-ep" went the noise. Opening the CD drive didn't help, but the hard drive was pretty much inactive, too. A cause for concern, definitely. Oh dear. What's on the hard drive that needs backing up?

Think, think, pause.

Wait a minute. It's 6am. And that noise isn't coming from down there...

I went and turned off the second alarm. Heh. Panic over.

(My entry may be later, today, Tony, but my entry has CONTENT!)
spikey eye bw

A Noise

I go to bed at around 11.30pm now. By midnight I'm asleep. My neighbours, it turns out, are quite noisy. I think there are two unruly teens next door. There are a lot of kids around the neighbourhood hanging out on bikes and scooters, playing with footballs and the like during the early evenings. By 11, though, it's all quiet and I fall asleep easily in the silence at 11.30pm.

At 1am last night there was a nosie that woke me up. It was a single loud click. It sounded (to me, in my paranoid state) like the sound you would get if you pulled down a door handle then let go so it sprang back into place. I was immediately awake and checking at the windows. There didn't seem to be anybody around, front or back.

Interesting that it should happen at exactly 1am. Perhaps something in the house switches over at that time. I thought perhaps the video I left running had reached the end and ejected itself. No. I'm not aware of anything the heating is supposed to do at 1am. I wondered whether the bag of rubbish hung inside the bathroom cabinet had fallen. No. So I still don't know what it was. Five minutes of investigation and I was ready to go back to bed. I'm going to wonder what that was for a long time, though.