April 2nd, 2002

spikey eye bw

NTL are coming

After about fifteen minutes on hold I got through to NTL and booked a date for them to come out and install. Actually, no, after 15 minutes on hold they told me they had routed me through to the London offices because I was calling from London and put me on hold again to talk to people in Peterborough. But the upshot was the same.

They're supposed to be coming on the afternoon of my moving day. I think maybe that was a bad plan. I think I should have told them to come the following Monday - but I didn't want to take an extra day off work and I'm not sure whether my sister will be coming down to stay, yet. The plan is to make orders with various people who deliver things (mostly Argos) and find out when they will be bringing said things - then get my sister to stay for a week or so which means that I can go to work and not use up my holiday days. Natalie is a single mother and doesn't have a job and she's happy to do this. Well, she would be - she gets to watch my cable TV and play on the internet all day while she's there! It will be good to see her again - more so to see Denver who is coming up to a year old, now.

So maybe we'll be organised enough to be into the house and have the TV and video set up for cable to be plugged into by the time the engineer arrives (any time between 12 and 5, apparantly). And maybe we won't. But I can alway re-book it.
spikey eye bw


Why does the Yahoo! Pager thing installed on my web page tell me that I'm not online right now when I quite blatantly am. Messenger is working - I was chatting to _jamez_ only moments ago.

And why DOES it have two names? I got used to it under the name "pager" but it seems they now want us to call it "messenger".