March 30th, 2002

spikey eye bw

Sunshine on an Easter day...

(Okay, so the real lyric is "rainy day" but there was no rain...)

I liked today. It didn't get off to a wonderful start, what with being woken at 7.30 by Raz going to bed. Kind of early for a weekend, I usually don't get up until, ooh, 8.30 or so. But stumbling into the office I put on the computer and found Ang sitting online so we chatted for a while as I woke up, discussing the merits of tuna and mayo sandwiches for breakfast.

Easing into the day thusly left me ready to get on with the tasks I'd set myself. I wrote letters regarding council tax and water at my new house, and I wrote to let the current property managers know that I'm outta here soon. Then I went into town to post the letters and sort out an Argos store card. It was a glorious sunny day and the trees are all budding and there are daffodils everywhere. I went out in a T shirt with no coat and didn't regret it. This is a GOOD day in Fleet, town of endless rain. I bought bits and pieces for the house and an Easter egg for Raz (Sin would have gotten one if he hadn't disappeared up north for the Easter break).

Back home Ang and I scrabbled away on Literati (a miserable loss on my part) then I went to watch the last of the newly received Buffy episodes from America before getting on with some more packing. Fun and accomplishment in one day. I'm impressed with myself whether anyone else is or not.

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