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Bad Night

There are two beds in our house. One of them is a single which Sin sleeps in. The other is a double which Raz and I share, despite having split up. It makes sense - we're still friends and nobody wants to sleep on the living room floor, so until I move out everything is more or less how it was before we broke up. Including the snoring.

Apparantly, I snore. However, for some reason, if you put a hand on my head then I stop. I don't understand this, nor do I understand how it was discovered - "Ah, a snoring person, I know what'll stop that, I'll place my hand on their head!" Uh, riiiight.

Raz, on the other hand, snores and snores and snores. Not in a regular pattern. Just a snore or two or three, then a pause then another snore, some more pausing and just as you start to doze off thinking that's it he starts again. It's so frustrating - it's like a door banging in the breeze. There's no rhythm to get used to - it's just this really annoying intermittent noise. If you get him to turn over then sometimes it will stop. Not last night. I think I usually avoid the issue by going to bed first - I'm asleep by the time he appears and starts making a racket.

Last night, somehow I stayed up until 1am by accident. I can't even remember what I was doing - I usually aim to be in bed at midnight. But it was 1am when I got into bed and about 1.20am when Raz got into bed and for some reason I hadn't dozed off yet. He did, though. Pretty much instantly. And to cut a dull tale a little shorter I'll skip to the point at 2.30am when I got completely pissed off with the situation, grabbed my pillows and a sleeping bag and slept on the sofa downstairs instead. Forgetting to switch off the alarm clock upstairs. Whoops.

So I set my mobile to wake me at 6.45, but was actually woken by Raz coming down to inform me the alarm upstairs was going at 6.30. That's four hours of sleep. That's not enough. I am tired. And the train was cancelled and I didn't get a seat it was easy to sleep in on the next train. And I'm tired. And did I mention I'm tired? And I ache cos that sofa isn't the best shape for sleeping on. And I'm tizzzzzzz
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