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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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Kidnapped Stapler
spikey eye bw
I was just telling Ang about the mystery of the kidnapped stapler that we encountered at work last year and she pointed out I should probably post it here. So... a bit of background. Decent staplers can be a much sought after resource in the office sometimes. On the 4th floor there was a stapler that was very good at its job, but so reliable that whenever Chad wanted to use it, it appeared to be missing. It became quite common to find a message in your inbox from Chad asking if anyone knew where the stapler was, and would they return it to the 4th floor main room.

One day Chad posted his usual missive and the response that came back pointed at this url:

Chad was later overhead in the lifts muttering about how it wasn't funny and he had better things to do with his time than follow up childish pranks. It's believed he went out and bought a stapler.

If the mystery kidnapper was ever revealed then nobody told me about it.

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I think the thing that makes it funny for me is the words "4th Floor" written on it's back, like a brand. Then, I work in a department where (were?) people label their pens with their name.

You mean that's not normal? ;-)

I still have a black texta in my kitchen labelled "Heiko".

You have a what labelled what?

texta... you know, texta... um.. thought that was the UK word for it.

"Marker"? Black thick pen whose ink only comes off whiteboards if you use metho. (Or ethanol, whatever your workplace has).

And to put it in context, Heiko worked briefly in the lab where I worked. I "inherited" all his stuff - solutions, racks, epis and, of course, textas.

Must be some other UK. We call them markers. Or whiteboard pens if you want one for the whiteboard. Ask for a marker and someone might give you a permanent marker which isn't going to rub off. And I didn't realise Heiko was some other guy's name. I thought it was either (somehow) you or had some other meaning. I don't think I'll bother to ask what an "epi" is...

It's a lab thing. When we ask for a marker we want a permament marker. You don't want things that rub off bottles and tape and things. If you want a whiteboard pen you ask for a whiteboard pen. I'd never heard of a texta but I made an educated guess a what you meant.

I used to get freezer pens from Coles supermarket as they were cheaper. I honestly thought texta was the same word. Oh well, another one to put on the mental list.

Do you call cotton buds cotton buds?

Read all the ransom demands, and I have to know...

Did they get the toy helicopter? Is the stapler now safe and well and back in the embrace of it's loving family? What about the sweets!

Someone must know!!

I don't think we'll ever know. I brought the subject up at work today. Michael has no idea who it was. Mike suggested maybe Chad did it himself, but I don't buy that theory. Chad, when asked, muttered about it being the sysops but couldn't pinpoint any individual. What you see on that site is all we got.

Michael sent an email to the address on the site today to see if we got any response. He claimed to have the helicopter and the mily bars. The email bounced.

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