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I've just been looking at my copy of The Official Big Brother 2 Book that I had for my birthday (I make no shameful secret of actually liking Big Brother and can offer a long explanation as to why if anyone's interested). It's reminded me of what "official" means in so many instances. It means "money spinner", it means "gushing praise", it means "inside information you won't find elsewhere so if you're interested you'll buy it". It means inaccuracies because, hey, who cares once the sale is made? It means an individual viewpoint offered as though it were objective fact and it means you have to read between the lines to get the real story.

I'm going back to "Are You Dave Gorman?" until I'm ready to approach BB2 with all that in mind so it doesn't put me off getting to the information between the space-filling gush. *shudder*
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