Max (hawkida) wrote,

I'm free of the hospital at last! Five years after my operation they have finally signed me off the books - and only because I reminded the surgeon that it had been five years now.

That's the good bit. The bad bit is where they were an HOUR late seeing me this morning. 9.50 my appointment was - I think they start at 9.30. The woman with the 9.40 wasn't seen for ages but finally left the building at around 10.30. It was another twenty minutes before they called me in! I even checked with reception that they hadn't forgotten me. How can they be running an hour late by the third appointment? And how, then, can they show no signs of urgency or wanting to catch up?

After the appointment I walked to the station as I was clearly not going to make the 11am train given that it is way more than two minutes by vehicle from the hospital to the train station. I bought a drink and a biscuit and sat in the sun for a while on the platform, enjoying the view. It's quite pretty alongside the water, but they're ruining it all by putting up huge great office buildings all over the place.

After work I did more packing at home. I was amused to find that the plastic storage boxes I've bought are prominently labelled "Max" on the side. They're mostly full of books. I don't get it. I don't have many books. How can I have filled this many boxes? And I haven't even gone near the video tapes yet. In fact, the whole under-the-stairs area is frightening me. I'm sure I have way too much stuff under there that will need to somehow be packed...

I think I've started early. I think I've got plenty of time. I wouldn't, however, be surprised to find I'm very, very wrong. It's starting to seem real, now though. As we trip over boxes and wend our way around stacks of half packed crates I can actually believe that I'm going to live somewhere else. Despite all the hassle involved it's actually kinda fun. The stress is probably yet to come, but it's something new right now.
Tags: health, house, moving

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