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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
How common is "routine"? It struck me this morning as I pulled stuff out of the still-unpacked suitcase that I wasn't dressed yet and it was less than 15 minutes before I needed to leave the house. But it didn't matter because apart from putting stuff in my bag and putting on clothes I was ready.

The first thing that happens in the morning is the alarm goes off. Beyond that there is no routine. Maybe I'll doze for a few minutes, maybe I'll get straight up. I might go downstairs or into the bathroom - whichever, I switch on the computer first to update the weight chart and check emails.

One thing that is routine is that I log off by 7am (I get up at around 6.30 and may spend anything between 5 and 30 minutes online). I aim to be done by 7am by the computer clock which is usually around 10 minutes slow.

Downstairs, for background noise and a bit of jollity I put on The Big Breakfast but I don't really pay it much attention apart from while I eat breakfast. This takes all of five minutes.

But the point is, there are a set number of things that need to be done. Teeth cleaned, face washed, deoderant and body spray applied, get dressed, put things in the bag for people at work or people I'll see after work. Make and eat breakfast. Check email and respond if appropriate to some of them. Brush hair. Put the camera in my bag if I've been unloading pictures from it. Take echinacea capsules if appropriate and pocket some for with lunch. Maybe put washing out to dry or put washing on and leave a note for it to be put out. Perhaps write a cheque for the window cleaners, or put the phonebill and cheque into an envelope for posting.

This whole range of stuff and no particular order to do it in. I prefer the variety to a rigid routine to follow. But is that normal? If so, why do people talk about "the daily routine" as though there's actually some repetition and familiarity to it? I don't keep the rest of my life in any better order than the pre-work bit and starting to wonder whether that's atypical.

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Well, I use a routine mainly because I'm rarely awake enough in the morning to make conscious decisions, so if something isn't in my autopilot tape it mostly doesn't get done. :->

My pre-work routine is chaotic. On a good day I will get up at 7 am, make coffee, drink coffee while reading news. Shower. Have another coffee and breakfast. Dress. Leave the house.

This is an ideal. This morning I woke at 6.30, put washing in the machine and ran the sink to do dishes. Went on the net until the washing finished. Showered and then had toast. Dressed. Washed the dishes. Took out the washing. Went to work.

Another typical morning will be get out of bed at 8 pm. Had coffee and quick wash, go to work buying breakfast on the way.

It's the same randomness when I get home.

The only part of my life which is in anyway routine is the Brownie stuff, which seems to work quite well. Reading the flylady site, I get the impression that routine is really the only way to have your life running like clockwork.

I've decided I don't want a clockwork life.

TWO coffees before you even leave the house? Wow. I have one coffee and the twitch threatens to rear its ugly.

As for Flylady, I took one look and thought "No way". Okay, so I could do with some de-cluttering, but I'm not going to follow a schedule to acheive it. Particularly not one that insists I should start the day by wearing shoes. Nope. I don't care what she says, the only reason this works for everyone who tries it is because the people who are willing to try it are the type it will work for.

I have a fairly rigid morning routine because I am not a morning person...and the fact that here I start work over an hour earlier than at home makes it worse. I get stuff ready for work, that I have to take, the night before, or I wouldnt take it. I've gotten in the car before today and wondered why I couldnt see stuff and had to go back to the house for my glasses... But, I hate it. The "if I'm not in the bedroom getting dressed by 7.05 I'll be late for work" thing. A rigid routine makes some people feel secure and most people I know have some element of it in their lives...depends on your attitude to being organised I guess. I need it, or feel a little lost, but I know that that's just my insecurities. This experience has loosened me up a whole lot, but I will always be fairly anal I think. Cant for the life of me remember wot point I wanted to make....what ever works for you I guess, and it depends on ye job and ye lifestyle. Some allow room for change/flexibilty etc, unfortunately teaching is becoming very rigid and controlled...

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