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Hmm. I'm getting ill. My left jaw and ear area hurt, a swollen gland style feeling. Time to break open the echinacea again, I think.

However, this is the first day since I got back from the US that I haven't had coffee or a Pepsi Max. The coffee is excusable. I just do that now and then. But the Pepsi has been for the specific purpose of keeping me awake in the afternoons. I don't really want a caffeine addiction so today, no drink. Well, water doesn't count.

And, thankfully, no twitch either. I have a twitchy righ eye and twitchy fingers and thumbs. The fingers and thumbs just take it upon themselves to move independently of my decision now and then and do it pretty constantly for hours at a time. It can be annoying but it's not a big problem - it's like dealing with hiccups. And my right eye is kind of similar. It gets so that if I blink it twitches when it's meant to open, like it's trying to stay closed or something. Usually I only get the twitch in one place at a time. It seems to be stress related. Not enough sleep? Twitch. Too much caffeine? Twitch. Too much on? Twitch. Not enough sleep? Twitch.


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