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I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

I don't generally do these things - I prefer to write what's on my mind rather than answer random questions, but in the absence of much else to say it gives you something to read. And it's more informative than those "You are Cornflakes" type quiz thingies that seem so prolific around LJ.

Last book you read:
Choke by Chuck Pahlinuk(sp?). I'm currently on Perdido St Station by China Mieuville(sp?). I've got a plan - I'm going to read 12 books this year. Which, admittedly, isn't many - but it's more than I managed last year. Not on track yet, unless I get through 400 odd pages before tomorrow. But, hey, it's a short month (excuses, excuses...)

Last movie you saw: The Blues Brothers

Last movie you saw on the big screen: Um... I think it might have been Final Fantasy. No, it was Lord of the Rings. We meant to see Vanilla Sky but never did. And Monsters Inc is next only they don't seem to have night showings so we missed out at the weekend because I was late home from Peterborough (bloody trains...)

Last phone number you called: The voicemail system at work. I had voicemail. It was for Brenda. No, I have no idea who Brenda is.

Last show you watched on TV: Eastenders. Blah. I could lie and claim Dark Angel or Buffy which were immediately before Eastenders in this week's viewing.

Last song you heard: Chumbawamba, Tubthumping. It's on the CD alarm and I get the first line of it every morning before I turn it off.

Last thing you had to drink: Mocha from Pret

Last thing you ate: Chocolate croissant from Pret

Last time you showered: A few weeks ago when trying to dye my hair back to brown instead of black. I prefer baths. Last bath - yesterday morning.

Last time you cried: Monday.

Last time you smiled: This morning.

Last time you laughed: Cynical laugh - this morning whilst hearing about the non existant bonuses at work. Last real laugh - while watching Dark Angel on Monday. Are we seeing a TV theme here...?

Last person you hugged: Not sure, don't hug much. Possibly Nic when saying goodbye at the end of Corflu. Yeah, must've been.

Last thing you said: Something cynical about those bonuses...

Last person you talked to online: AJR and Col on IRC last night.

Last person you talked to on the phone: My mum on Saturday night.

Last thing you smelled: Coffee at Pret.

Well, that's about it. By the rules of these things I'm meant to email it to everyone in my address book and insist they fill it in and send it back, but I'm not quite such a loser (heh).

Bonus points for figuring out where the title of this entry comes from.
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