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spikey eye bw



Musings, questions and brief essays. The normal.

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spikey eye bw
My friend* is just getting over a case of tharyngitis. She hadn't ever heard of it until she got it. Neither had I. I just looked it up using google and the only match was a registered death in the 1800s. That's, um, concerning.

* When DO people become friends rather than acquaintances?

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i searched medline today.

No matches :)

The OED's never heard of it either, and a quick look at Liddell-Scott produces no plausible Greek root. If not for that one google hit, I'd assume you, or your friend, misheard the name.


You've got a googlewhack if you turn up a single search result. I'm sure I've got the rules somewhere. I'm going to look.

I was wondering if it would be cheating, now, to googlewhack on tharyngitis--which we know is a hapax legomenon--and one of the common words on that site. (Assuming, of course, that google hasn't spidered through here in the last couple of days.)

Meanwhile, my partner in weirdness suggests that it should be "pharyngitis," which is basically a fancy word for a sore throat.

Pharyngeal infection was what crossed my mind as the list of places where the word wasn't found lengthened.

At least there's a bright side: uf Max's friend were to turn up obscurely dead, at least we'd have learned a new word.


Pharyngitis comment is correct. Just went through same circle trying to determine definition for "tharyngitis". We were misspelling and mispronouncing.


me and my son have just been told we have this - GP said it is inflamation/infection of the oseophagus - sore throat basically lol just lower down so gargling doesnt help :o/
been given anti biotics to help clear it

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